Green Leaders are members who work in MyGN’s facilities. Green Leaders, well… LEAD. Through innovation, creativity, and developing their business they contribute to an empowered cannabis community transforming the industry.

Yes! You will own a “Type-S Manufacturing” license which makes you a legal California cannabis manufacturer and permits you to operate in our spaces.

Pretty much everything. Green Leaders own their business, create and develop their product, and control their branding, marketing, and sales. No disclosing of your secret recipe or formula. MyGN just empowers you to do all of that by helping you source, distribute, and handling all the heavy lifting.

Yes! We can provide transportation from any cultivator to our facility. After the product arrives, you can then roll it up and package it.

Any infused product including: edible products (Cookies, brownies, gummies, drinks, chocolates, dissolving strips, etc.), flower products (Pre-rolls, re-packaging flower, shake bags), topical products (lotions, patches, lubricants, roll-ons) – if you can infuse THC/CBD into it – you can make it with us.

This literally covers everything else. Anything you can’t make – you can package and sell. An open secret in the cannabis industry is owning a cannabis manufacturing license allows you to sell every cannabis product – we’ll even help you do it compliantly too.

You cant actually extract, BUT you can make food-grade butter or oils for use in your own products.

Yes! MyGN can provide you custom extracts to package and sell under your own brand. As your business grows, we’ll help you build your business for success along the way!

MyGN has a distribution license and can help distribute your products to any licensed dispensary in California. Tell us where to go and we’ll go do it.

MyGN has a retail delivery license in our sister facility and can easily deliver anywhere in OC/LA area. Tell us where to go and we’ll deliver.

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