Create a global network of thriving cannabis businesses empowered and driven by community and leadership.

When we started Green Network in 2016, we wanted to build a network of leaders transforming the cannabis industry by doing business the right way. We wanted to empower our friends and family in the cannabis industry so they could focus on achieving success and fulfilling their dreams in our modern-day cannabis prohibition era. MyGN is a place dedicated to helping lead change in the cannabis industry by providing a home with full support to help you reach for the stars – and grasp it with your own hands. We are the summation of each of fulfilled Green Leader saying “this is My Green Network” at the end of every day.


Imagine the legal cannabis market as a city of endless opportunities hidden in an impassable jungle. A select few are able to enter by expending massive wealth to fly over the tree-line. The remainder – are stopped by fear of the unknown, hungry predators, and losing their way. Those admirable few who manage to make it after risking their life arrive in a new environment, without resources, and where a single mistake can result in permanent exile.

MyGN changes everything. We’ve paved a direct path that runs directly through the jungle into that city of dreams. When you get there, you’ll have a home, a network, and know the rules so you can focus on what really matters – achieving success. We’re more than just co-working, more than just a space. So go ahead, Go Green the Way You Want.




We are leading the cannabis industry by pioneering evolutionary concepts and transforming impossible dreams into real futures.


We are empowering by creating dynamic platforms enabling businesses to thrive.


Good things happen when good people come together. Genuine human connections cultivate a strong community

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