We have partnered with cannabis industry leaders to offer additional services to our community. Check out who’s working with us!

Lab testing

Infinite Chamical

While pursuing their PhDs in analytical and organic chemistry, Josh Swider and Dave Marelius became aware of the medicinal benefits cannabis offered patients that went beyond the realm of traditional medications. However, the cannabis community lacked analytical chemists dedicated to proving its potential.

Encore Labs

Encore Labs is a California cannabis testing lab that provides a comprehensive menu of services to various participants in the cannabis industry. From cannabinoid profiling, microbiological screening, pesticide screening, terpene analysis, infused-product formulation charts and more. Encore Labs offers tests and services aimed to guarantee the quality and potency of all cannabis products while ensuring regulatory guidelines in the state of California.

Cannabis Platform

Find our Green

A platform connecting the California cannabis wholesale market, one product at a time.
Finding licensed cannabis businesses and products shouldn’t be a hassle, expensive, or unclear. Our proprietary platform cross checks all profiles listed with licenses on the State of California website and requires identification to ensure each profile is properly created. We promote the legal cannabis industry by ensuring licensed cannabis businesses have the best and most affordable platform to connect.
No matter what part of the chain you are in, finding the right product to impress your clients, lower your costs, and maximize profits are just a few clicks away.

Staffing Companies

Grassroots Staffing Group (GSG)

Nestled in the Coachella Valley, Grassroots Staffing Group (GSG) delivers exceptional recruitment as a result of connecting employers with knowledgeable and prized candidates who are looking to take the next step with their businesses and careers. We at GSG are committed to providing a rich platform designed to fulfill all of your hiring needs. Do not hesitate to contact us and learn how GSG can gratify your staffing needs.


HempStaff is an industry leader in hemp recruiting and cannabis recruiting and cannabis dispensary training. Their Cannabis Recruiting Division focuses on finding the best employees for all types of hemp or cannabis jobs.

Branding AND packaging Design

Studio Goesto

Studio Goesto believes that diversity nurtures the creativity needed for completeness. They create optimal strategies by utilizing viewpoints from every angle for better results tailor-made for their clients. Their team’s experience draws from branding, packaging ,web-design, branding, and marketing for a flexible, nimble approach to bring your company’s brand and ideals to your customers.
Their goal is to realize the extraordinary inherent potential of your brand through transforming the perspectives of your target audience.


Diamond Business Loans

Diamond Business Loans is driven by a mission to provide financial solutions precisely tailored to fit the needs, goals, and dreams of each specific client. Our sensitive understanding of business finance enables us to design policies applicable to our clients’ unique needs. As a result, clients are spared the agony of cumbersome traditional bank loans. We offer a wide selection of commercial loan programs ranging from $5,000 to over $5 million.

Special Ingredients

Gold Coast Ingredients, Inc. (GCI)

Gold Coast Ingredients, Inc. (GCI) is a privately held and operated, wholesale flavor and color manufacturer that has been satisfying taste since 1985. We are a GFSI and AIB certified company capable of serving all types of industries from food and beverage to animal treats and oral care. GCI also supplies custom, QAI Certified Organic, ISA Certified Halal, OU Certified or KOF-K Certified Kosher flavors upon request. Our current manufacturing facilities are located in Commerce, California and Shenzhen, China, while utilizing distribution facilities throughout the United States, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Events Platform


EventHi is an event management platform, built for the cannabis culture. It is considered to be the first online event management ticketing platform catering to the cannabis industry, connecting people together offline.

Wellness Lounge

Aeon Botanika

Aeon Botanika is unique in the industry by integrating cannabis with other plant medicines, dietary and lifestyle changes to support greater health and happiness. Our sourcing policy, which we call Cannabis with Conscience, is leading the way in curating brands in our stores that share our values for high-quality, social equity, and the ethical, sustainable production of cannabis products.

Interior Design

GTC Design

GTC Design is an architecture and interior design studio of creatives dedicated to producing cohesively considerate and effective designs on a diverse array of projects. At GTC, we believe the design process is an opportunity to develop a creative direction for the continually evolving landscapes within our built environment and economies. We seek to create genuine spaces that showcase our design beliefs through our client’s vision.


Sticky Security

Sticky Security provides cybersecurity solutions for commercial cannabis operations. We are committed to supporting cannabis testing, distribution, cultivation, manufacturing, and retail operations. Our approach is based on state and local regulations as well as standards laid out by ASTM International to guide cannabis operations towards achieving secure scalability within their supply chain roles.