Our story begins with a tale of two sisters, love, and the will to succeed and
overcome all hardships.

Being raised by a single mother, Bela practically raised her younger sister
Maria and together, they relied on each other during the hard and the
lonely times. Bela would help Maria unconditionally, listen when she was
sad, and care for her when she was sick.

Bela’s Formula Brigadeiros are derived from the famous Brazilian sweet
and a tribute to the power of sisterly bonds to help in overcoming that time
of the month when cravings for indulgent chocolate are just the right
solution. A monthly custom, Bela would carefully craft the luxuriously,
velvety drops covered in different toppings to cure her younger sister’s
cravings. As Bela shouldered more responsibilities, Maria eventually learned
the family recipe and continued their tradition. Today, both sisters are
successful and their bond is unbreakable.

Bela’s Formula Brigadeiros are a family recipe passed down through
generations and from woman to woman. They’re infused with pure, lab-
certified CBD and formulated to help when the stress, cramps, and
headaches sometimes require a decadent treat to get you back on your

Crafted with Love. Derived through Tradition. Formulated to Satisfy.